Startups are Hard, Really Hard: Ergo Seek Mentors and Allies

A friend forwarded me a link to this presentation — So You Wanna Do A Startup, Eh?  I liked it so much, I thought I’d do quick post with some brief commentary.


  • Slide 30:  “Seek Mentors and Allies.  This is the most important point I make in this entire presentation.”  Why it’s listed as bullet 5 on slide 30 is beyond me, but it is nevertheless a key point.  I’m doing some startup advisory work of l ate and I certainly believe that some friends with experience, wisdom, and connections can go a long way towards helping a new venture head down the right path and avoid some obvious mistakes.
  • Slide 11:  Five myths about startups, particularly myth 2 (the average tech startup founder is a 25 year old Ivy league dropout) and myth 5 (location doesn’t matter)
  • Slide 30:  Ask rejectors for feedback.  Critical.
  • Slide 36:  Too funny!
  • Slide 40:  I love the Venn diagram and also note that the delusional aspect that enables founders to do the impossible in starting companies can lead to problems later on.

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