Check out Wallit

This a quick post to highlight the launch of one of my angel investments:  Wallit, an amazingly cool company founded by UC Berkeley post-doc Veysel Berk, a very interesting guy I had the pleasure of meeting  in early 2011.

To me, Wallit is Twitter meets Facebook meets Foursquare meets augmented reality.  (Thank goodness, I’m not their marketing guy.)

  • Like Facebook it supports walls that you can write on
  • Like Twitter those posts can be public
  • Like Foursquare it is location-centric.  But, much better, it enforces location — to write on a wall you need to be there
  • And, coolest of all, it’s augmented reality.

Imagine standing the Marin headleads with your girlfriend, looking at the Golden Gate bridge, holding your iPhone up, seeing an augmented reality wall appear on the bridge, and written on that wall is “Jenny, will you marry me?”  If you’re geeky enough that’s goosebumps, folks.

Or imagine writing the same message on the full moon.  Or, more practically, imagine the dating/mixer possibilities of writing on a shared wall at a jammed nightclub.  Or the fun you could contributing to a shared wall at the Shark Tank, talking about the game.  Or imagine, real-time restaurant reviews at Morimoto (e..g, “the tartare is awesome tonight” or “avoid the special”).

Basically anything you’d want to tweet about, you can now write on a virtual wall, where anyone else writing actually has to be there.  And you see it all in augmented reality.

The company has launched to some amazing press, below.

Congrats to Veysel and the Wallit team. And check it out.

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