Kellblog 2.0

After an approximately* one-year hiatus, I’ve decided to start blogging again.

What Happened?

The reincarnation begins oddly, with my discovery that cybersquatters had evidently moved into Kellblog.  My WordPress account had been hacked and because the hacking was subtle it took me a while to realize what was going on.  I’d get the odd email from a friend on a post that I had done years ago as if it were new.   I searched for my post entitled “The Final Post” and couldn’t find it; evidently it had been deleted.  I looked at my Blogroll and saw, nicely tucked within the links that were supposed to be there, numerous links that weren’t.  I read one of my top posts which now had a reference to “Best Auto Loans” jammed in the middle of an otherwise normal sentence.

So someone hacked into the blog, deleted the post saying it was closed, subtly inserted spam links into top posts, and did an occasional re-post to keep things fresh.

What Does This Mean?

It means that any post before 4/6/13 (when I officially re-started) may have been compromised in some way – e.g., the publication date may be off, content may have been changed, or spam links may have been inserted.  Since there are over 500 posts from the Kellblog 1.0 era, I can’t check them all.  I feel as uncomfortable in the blog as you might feel spending the first few nights in your house after it had been robbed and ransacked.

Thoughts on Kellblog 2.0

I’d always hoped to start blogging again one day and had continued to file things under my “to blog” label during the hiatus.  The question to me was more when than if – with the exception of my wondering if blogging itself would still exist when I was ready to resume.  Had I committed the sin of naming my site KellBuggy when I should have named it KellTransport?

Several forces came together in making me want to re-start – the hacking was simply what pushed me over the edge because I needed to login to WordPress and get dirty looking around at page elements, links, the template and such. Once in the authoring environment, dashing off a quick post was easy … and so it began.

While creating a blog is somewhat organic, I have a few new/different rules for how I want to do things going forward:

  • The posting frequency will be lower.  I have a wonderful and busy day job at CEO of Host Analytics.
  • I will write less about the category and competitors.  Recall that Kellblog started life as the MarkLogic CEO Blog and, as such, was more focused on the category and the competition.  While I may write about EPM, BI, analytics, data science, big data, and such, I will try to do so from a more distant perspective.
  • I will not directly or indirectly write about things happening in my current business life.  Some folks, in cases correctly, felt they could figure out what was happening at MarkLogic by reading between the lines of my blog.  To prevent that going forward, I now have a self-imposed, long phase-lag before I will blog about lessons from any given real experience.

I look forward to re-starting and hope you enjoy my content.  Now all I need to do is a find a new RSS reader (thanks to Google discontinuing Google Reader) so I can keep up on things myself.


* Hence I’m not exactly sure when I stopped because that post was deleted.  I think it was around Sept 2011.

9 responses to “Kellblog 2.0

  1. Welcome back! I look forward to reading your posts.
    I’m very pleased with Feedly ( as a Google Reader replacement, FYI.

  2. Dave – Welcome back! I found your blog well after your original launch and enjoyed your writing for the brief time you were still blogging…I was very disappointed when you stopped! Sorry to hear about the hack…what a bummer. Looking forward to 2.0 good reading!

  3. I think the RSS feeds are cached locally, not sure. When I look at the WordPress dashboard of all posts, it’s gone. Wierd, huh? (Plus, when I Google for it, it’s not there either.)

  4. Emerson Samuels

    Hurrah! Welcome back

  5. I am glad you listened to your starving audience and restarted blogging. To more content!

  6. Dino Zincarini

    Great to see you back Dave! I was happy to see you pop up on a LinkedIn feed and even happier to learn that I can count on fresh commentary from you. This is almost as big as the return of Hyperbole and a Half. Cheers and all the best.

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