My Keynote Speech from Host Analytics World 2013

I am happy to say that we had a simply tremendous Host Analytics World 2013 conference last week in Las Vegas, Nevada with over 300 people in attendance.

First, let me thank people for making the event such a success:

  • Our marketing team for executing it
  • Our customers for attending and presenting
  • Our partners for attending, presenting, exhibiting, and sponsoring
  • Our employees for attending, hosting, staffing, and presenting

Second, let me introduce one of the cooler, more unusual things we did at this year’s conference.  We had a graphic recorder from @the_ink_factory create, by hand, these visualizations for the keynote sessions of the conference.   while low-tech, they are very cool and remind me of mind maps, which I think are a great non-linear way to take notes.

BK53h8ZCEAEkfmz (1)

Finally, I wanted to share a link to my one-hour keynote presentation at the conference.  This presentation covers

  • A self introduction, including discussion of the reasons I joined Host Analytics.
  • An examination of the large market opportunity that stands before Host Analytics.
  • Live interviews with two Host Analytics customers:  Highlights for Children and Groupon.  (Since the camera didn’t capture their background videos, here is the first and the second.)
  • An EPM Maturity Model for helping people understand where they are in EPM adoption and benefits

My favorite part is at 40:30 where our VP of Services, Ron Baden, likens my joining and focus on customer success with Herb Brooks coaching the USA’s Miracle hockey team.

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  1. Dave – great to see you on stage again. Funny to see the same style and mannerisms again after a few years – and some of the same jokes :) You still have it. Well done. Best of luck at what appears to be a great company…

  2. Thanks for a great message to kick off a great conference! We are proud to be partners!

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