New Host Analytics Ninety-Second Video Overview on Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

I’m writing to introduce this brand-new, ninety-second Host Analytics overview video, released this week by our marketing team.

Key messages:

  • Leadership in cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM)
  • EPM = planning, close, reporting, analytics
  • Opportunity cost:  finance lost time and money on lower-level tasks impedes business partnership and insight
  • Advantages:  increased speed, accountability, and insight
  • Ability to be managed by finance –> agility to be responsive to be the business (key benefit)
  • Deploys at 1/4 the time and cost of traditional on-premises solutions like Hyperion.

Thank you and congratulations to Alex Ortiz who led the project not only to overhaul and simplify our messaging, but also to translate the tip-top of it into this basic introductory video.

Bien fait!

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