Forbes: Will Host Analytics Do Unto Hyperion as Salesforce Did Unto Siebel?

I’m happy to report that Forbes Magazine has written a great Forbes Insight Profile on Host Analytics and me.  The story is entitled Will Dave Kellogg’s Host Analytics Do To Hyperion What Salesforce Did To Siebel?

Here’s an excerpt:

“We’re trying to do to Hyperion what Salesforce did to Siebel and the entire CRM category.  We’re a cloud disruption company,” says Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg.  Host Analytics is using a cloud-based delivery model to disrupt the traditional EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) market by offering the improved execution speed, broader organizational accountability, and deeper business insight of modern enterprise EPM applications.

Host Analytics cloud-based delivery model extends these benefits with the business agility, improved security, and cost advantages of the Cloud.  EPM is a fancy acronym for the applications required by the Finance department to manage the accounting and budget planning process.

The whole story is here.

2 responses to “Forbes: Will Host Analytics Do Unto Hyperion as Salesforce Did Unto Siebel?

  1. Dave — I would love it if you could point me to a resource that explains what value a SaaS EPM system brings over a standard SaaS BI implementation — such as gooddata or tableau.

    Thanks for the great blog.

    • Sure, the quick answer is that EPM and BI are cousins. BI tends to be a platform that can be used across various departments within a company to help them with metrics and reporting. EPM is really an applications play. I define EPM as a suite of financial analytic applications that help finance departments do planning, consolidation, reporting, and ad hoc analysis.

      It is far easier to accomplish each of these tasks with a suite of pre-fab EPM applications than in regular BI tools.

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