Accenture’s Key Considerations in SaaS Financial Applications

The first stop in the Host Analytics cloud EPM roadshow was held today before a packed house at the lovely Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto.  The event featured a keynote address from Accenture Managing Director Tamara Emerson.

One of her slides was about considerations whether you should look at SaaS/cloud financial systems.  Here is the criteria list (i.e., if you are experiencing any of these issues you should consider cloud financial applications).

  • Financial systems are not providing the information necessary to make solid business decisions.
  • Financial systems cannot easily adapt to changing business processes.
  • Delivered SaaS businesses processes that fit business needs.
  • No current solution exists or financial systems are on an unsupported version
  • Financial systems support is difficult to maintain and the skillsets needed are not readily available in the company / marketplace
  • Processes and capabilities fall behind industry benchmarks

A full copy of Tamara’s slides are embedded below.


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  1. One of the key attractions of SaaS solutions is their ease of deployment and use from a customer, or end-user, perspective. These same attributes are critical for providers of software as a service who must acquire new customers and scale their operations in a cost-effective manner.

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