Congratulations to MarkLogic on Unicorn Status

Congratulations to MarkLogic on achieving “unicorn” status with yesterday’s announcement of a $102M financing at a $1B+ pre-money valuation.

CB Insights now has MarkLogic officially on their unicorn tracker where they are in the company of a rather amazing other 102 startups all with $1B+ valuations, with a combined valuation of a staggering $371B.

Congratulations to the many team members with whom I worked during my time there (2004 to 2010), and a few names immediately spring to mind in that regard:  Max, Ian, Paul, Ron, Wayne, Mary, Ponz, Larry, Mark, Randall, Chris, Enrique, Dave, Ann, JT, Josh, Kelly, Matt, Norm, Denise, and of course, Brother Makely.

And I should also thank MarkLogic, in particular Bob and Dale, for being a Host Analytics customer — one of many high-growth, high-tech companies that choose Host Analytics as a cloud-based EPM system that you won’t outgrow.

3 responses to “Congratulations to MarkLogic on Unicorn Status

  1. Very proud of the team for taking it this far! It will be really exciting to see what the next couple years bring to the space…

  2. So, can we get the valuation metrics? P/S? Sales multiple? MRR, Churn, Growth, CAC? Thanks.


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