Host Analytics World: Some Key Takeaways

We are having an amazing time at Host Analytics World this week in San Francisco.  I’m thrilled with size (over 700 people), the positive energy, and the learning/sharing that’s taking place at this event.


Probably the single best thing I’ve heard from customers at the conference is this:

“I use a lot of cloud software and … the relationship you have with your customers is unique.”

The reason this makes me so happy is that’s what our strategy is all about.  We are a 100% customer-focused SaaS vendor and a huge part of my strategy here is to build a real, deep, sincere customer-success culture.  So any time I hear an echo back from our customers that is what they are seeing/feeling it makes me very happy.  And I’ve heard plenty of those echos this week.

The other big things I’ve seen thus far:

  • Tremendous interest in modeling and our new Modeling Cloud offering.  Organizations are doing more modeling than ever before and they want a modeling solution that leverages Excel and ties together disparate departmental models into a single enterprise model.
  • Huge support for our intelligent leverage of Excel strategy.  AirLiftXL, SpotLightXL, and our web-based Excel grid allow customers to leverage their existing models and, more importantly, skills / human capital in the context of a proper planning system.
  • Major interest in tying together sales and financial planning.  This is a real hot button in finance right now as sales planning is increasing done by sales ops and/or sales strategy groups outside of finance and in software not linked to the central planning system.
  • Big interest in our new Aviso partnership as part of our strategy to better link sales and finance.  Aviso delivers predictive analytics that not only help forecast sales but actually guides sales management to the most important opportunities in the pipeline.  In general, customers seem to support our strategy to stay focused on EPM and not extend ourselves in adjacent fields where best-of-breed players already exist.
  • And finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t introduce our new mascots, Tick and Tie.


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