The SaaS Product Power Breakfast, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific on Clubhouse

Interested in all things product?

Then please join me and my friend and esteemed colleague Thomas Otter on Thursday mornings at 8 am pacific for a series we’re calling The SaaS Product Power Breakfast where Thomas and I will interview invited special guests and engage the audience in discussing all things product, including:

  • Product management
  • Product strategy
  • Product marketing
  • Product design
  • Product positioning
  • Product roadmaps
  • Product requirements (to generalize or not to generalize)
  • Application / platform dynamics
  • Product input and feedback processes
  • Pricing strategies
  • Product portfolios
  • Product-led growth
  • Managing new vs. existing products
  • The transition from 1 to N products
  • Product development processes (e.g., agile, scrum)
  • Minimum viable product
  • Managing product managers
  • The transition to general manager (GM)
  • And much more

For those on Clubhouse, here’s a link to the first event.  If you’ve not tried Clubhouse yet, well here’s a great reason to join — ask a friend (or us) for an invite if you need one.   Finally, we’ll be making recordings of the episodes available as a podcast (which took about four episodes to figure out).

My interest in product stems from my overall fascination with strategy and my experience in product marketing at Ingres (RDBMS), CMO at Versant (ODBMS) and Business Objects (BI/analytics), SVP/GM at (Service Cloud), and CEO at MarkLogic (NoSQL) and Host Analytics (Planning).  That’s not to mention lesser involvement in strategy working in board and/or advisory mode at companies including Aster Data (NoSQL), Nuxeo (ECM/DAM), and Alation (data intelligence).

Thomas’ interest in product stems from his infinite curiosity about the intersection between technology and people.  Thomas was part of the leadership team that scaled SuccessFactors to over 50M end users, managing not only product but literally scores of product managers.  Prior to that Thomas was an analyst at Gartner where he drove the HRTECH research agenda that helped shape the industry.  Truly a multidisciplinary thinker, Thomas’ PhD dissertation “sits awkwardly at the intersection of IT, law, and business.”  He’s thus a heck of an interesting guy to talk to.

See you there!

6 responses to “The SaaS Product Power Breakfast, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific on Clubhouse

  1. Really sorry to see that this is not a Zoom, Webex, or other more broadly accessible platform. This is a great list of topics. I hope you can post recordings if that is not against the Clubhouse terms of service.

    • Thanks and we may but not sure as we’re new to Clubhouse ourselves. Part of this experiment is to try to get to know that platform ergo it wouldn’t make sense to do on another medium. My gut is that, in SAT form, clubhouse is to podcasting as blogging is to publishing — i.e., the medium itself sets a different expectation set (including initially that by default you’re not being recorded though it is allowed; they were shooting for Snapchat-like ephemerality) — more informal, more likely to have a mistake, etc. — all the things that made/make blogging more informal than traditional print publishing. More later as we learn. And will we — I think — try to record it on the hope that doesn’t destroy any spontaneity

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