Quick Takeaways From our First Product Power Breakfast: Dave Interviews Thomas

Here’s a quick post to share my takeaways from our first enterprise SaaS Product Power Breakfast on Clubhouse.

My Thoughts
Clubhouse is definitely a new medium.  When it comes to new media, I always think two things:

  • The medium is the message and all that Marshall McLuhan’s pithy quote implies.
  • Look for differences, not similarities.  (Saying “Clubhouse is like talk radio” is the same as saying “Twitter is like group text messaging.”  Yes and no, but mostly no.)

Special guest Jason Lemkin was a Tasmanian Devil who — while he blew up my carefully planned structure (think: Eisenhower on planning) — left in his wake a slew of super interesting questions; I literally didn’t sleep well that evening because my head was still spinning.  

Thus, overall I’d give the session an A for thought-provocation and a C for structure.  But we’re new to the medium, trying to figure it out, and serendipity is definitely part of the equation.

Questions Provoked, Topics for Future Discussion

  • To what extent should we talk to startups and founders versus large enterprise product managers (PMs)?
  • How valid is commonality-spotting across unicorns (the spotting is subjective and are the commonalities valid drivers or rabbit’s feet)?
  • The age-old question of how to measure engineering productivity?  Can it even be done?  Is it worth trying?
  • Are story points a valid productivity measure or are they counting angels on pinheads?
  • How can PM avoid being drawn and quartered?  (And how can PM avoid drawing and quartering engineering?)
  • Is product-led growth (PLG) a strategy that must be taken in entirety or can you take a dab of this and that?
  • How can PM best make its voice heard and best work with sales?
  • How to cater between the trend-seeking “new black” and the lasting-principles-seeking crowd (e.g., Crystal Reports was the original PLG company in my curmudgeonly humble opinion)?

In terms of session focus, I’d say my current conclusion is that we want to make each session follow this sort of template:  Dave & Thomas Interview {Guest} on {Topic}.

Oh, and by the way, we probably need to re-run a session where Dave actually interviews Thomas!

See you Thursday at 8 am for session number 2!  If you need a Clubhouse invite, email or message me.

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