SaaS Product Power Breakfast 4/22/21 with Norwest Partner Scott Beechuk

Thomas Otter and I are having a great time running our series of enterprise SaaS Product Power Breakfasts on Clubhouse on Thursdays at 8:00 AM Pacific time.

Thus far, we’ve had sessions with guests:  Thomas; Dave; former Hyperion, Oracle and Planful EPM product leader Mark Bauer; and former Oracle and Salesforce product leader and Skyflow founder and CEO Anshu Sharma.

In response to both our experience and listener requests, we’re now starting to conceptualize these sessions as “podcasts recorded in front of a live studio audience” so we can get the best of both live audience engagement and Internet-scale reach.  Ergo, we should shortly (hopefully starting with Anshu’s episode) be posting (potentially lightly edited) recordings of the sessions in podcast form.  More later on that.

Which brings us to our next session, 4/22/21 at 8:00 AM Pacific,  where we’ll be interviewing special guest, entrepreneur, ex-Salesforce product leader turned venture capitalist, Scott Beechuk, of Norwest Venture Partners.  Scott and I worked together at Salesforce almost a decade ago and work together today with Bluecore.  This should be a great session!

Areas that we plan to touch on:

  • What VCs look for in product teams
  • How to hire top product talent
  • How to accelerate the roadmap
  • How Scott made the transition from product leader to venture capitalist
  • What Scott takes from the world of music to the world of product

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