Slides and Video Link for Emerging Stronger from the Downturn Webinar

Here are the slides from the Balderton Capital webinar I did today with Michael Lavner, entitled How to Emerge Stronger from the Downturn than You Went In. 

Balderton has posted a video of the Zoom recording of the event, available here.

We discuss:

  • The importance of how founders/CEOs frame challenges to the organization.
  • What we mean by “stronger.”
  • Focus, how to do fewer things, better — including reading The Crux by Richard Rumelt.
  • M&A, from either the buy or sell side.
  • Reorientation of use-cases and messaging, how to adapt your point of sail to the changing winds.
  • Playing into SaaS rationalization, how to try and take an ostensibly negative trend and turn it to your advantage.
  • Upgrading your talent.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  See you next month (Feb 9th) for a same-time, same-place, same-format webinar on the Balderton Founder’s Guide to B2B Sales.  I’ll drop a link to the event in here, once available.

4 responses to “Slides and Video Link for Emerging Stronger from the Downturn Webinar

  1. Your posts are still good and valuable but since you joined Balderton they have been less “technical”. I think we would all benefit if you could fly at 15000 feet instead of 30000 ;).
    Thanks nonetheless and thanks for sharing info with all of us!

    • No deliberate altitude change as a result of Balderton though doing the Founder’s Guide to B2B Sales for them did eat up a lot of my detail-orientation energy. I write some content for their site and they have a voice in altitude. On Kellblog it’s still me. Net is I may have a little less time as those details take time to produce. Let me finish my overdue 2023 predictions and we’ll come back.

  2. Great session Dave, many thanks for sharing the slides and leaning into the details of the topic!

    • Thwjak for the reply Dave. We all have 24h in the day and I truly appreciate all the info you put together for us. Sharing these years if accumulated experience is invaluable really. I am glad you are spending time with Balderton as it is a really good bunch of people. By the way, if you happen to have some info and template/framework on how to devise really impactful Value Creation Plans, that could be super helpful! Have a good day ahead!

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