Appearance on the AI and the Future of Work Podcast

Just a quick post to highlight my recent appearance on the AI and the Future of Work podcast hosted by my friend Dan Turchin.

I joined Dan to discuss my work-in-process 2023 predictions post (which I really need to get finished in the next week).  We start out by reviewing a few of my 2022 predictions, where Dan takes a somewhat European angle in his questioning given my work with Balderton Capital.  After that, based on the sneak preview of my 2023 predictions that I gave to Dan, he asks some questions about what I see coming in 2023.

It’s a long episode.  Dan asks some great questions, and I give some rambling answers, so if you’re listening on the treadmill make sure you pace yourself.  You’ll be burning a few more calories than usual.

You can find the episode on Spotify and Apple podcasts.  Thanks again to Dan for having me and I hope you enjoy the episode.

4 responses to “Appearance on the AI and the Future of Work Podcast

  1. I generally just listen to podcasts at 1.25x or 1.5x to save time Dave… That said, with you I usually have to pause, rewind, slow it down and then listen to some sections.

  2. Brilliant as always. One of my favorite episodes all year. This one’s a textbook on how to lead in 2023… with a healthy dose of nerd-talk about the new metrics layer. Bravo Mr. Kellogg!

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