Video of my SaaStock Presentation: Strategies and Tactics to Drive GTM Efficiency

Just a quick post to share the video of the SaaStock 2022 presentation that I delivered in Dublin last October.  The title of the session is Driving Go-To-Market Efficiency in the Coming 24 Months.

In a relatively short, 20-minute format, I cover:

  • How and why the go-to-market (GTM) functions invariably bear most of the brunt of cost pressure.
  • The dangers of Excel-induced hallucinations, where you take a funnel model and make a series of small tweaks that compound you into fantasy-land.
  • The downsides of a budget free-for-all.  Sales usually wins the budget battle, but loses the performance war.
  • How the best solution is a Three Musketeers approach (“all for one and one for all”) across sales, marketing, success, and services.  (Yes, there were actually four of them, providing an apt metaphor for the inclusion of services.)
  • And then, in a thought-consideration punch list format, scores of ideas that you can consider to help improve the efficiency of your GTM organization.

Here is the video.

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