My SaaS Metrics Syllabus

I recently did a consulting project where I worked with an experienced executive to provide a crash course in SaaS metrics.  In order to perform that assignment, I decided not to make an entire course, but simply the syllabus for one, as a way to guide our conversations.

While I have no intention of attempting the Herculean task of turning this ten-page outline into a course, I do think sharing the outline itself is potentially useful for two reasons:

  • It took a large amount of effort to map things into a structure.  I think the structure itself adds value both because it is logical and fairly comprehensive.
  • It provides a lot of embedded links (often but not always to Kellblog) that can help the reader get deeper on various topics.

Here is a link to the outline.  As a teaser, here’s the first part it:

One response to “My SaaS Metrics Syllabus

  1. Wow. That is Herculean.

    Thank you for sharing this, albeit that now no SaaS CEO can ever hide behind ‘we don’t keep track of this…’. ;-)

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