The Seven Things Founders Need to Know About Sales: SaaStr Workshop Wednesdays, 5/3 at 10am Pacific

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ll be presenting at SaaStr’s Workshop Wednesdays this week, on 5/3/23 at 10am Pacific. Our topic will be The Seven Things Founders Need to Know About Sales, which non-coincidentally happens to be the first section of the Balderton Founder’s Guide to B2B Sales that I wrote and we published last November.

I’ve not done one of these sessions before, but the format looks to be pretty intimate in terms of size and pretty interactive in terms of content (i.e., some lecture but a lot of time allocated for Q&A).

Registraton is free. You can register here.

Here are the seven things that we’ll be covering at the workshop:

  1. Learn by doing: get out there and sell
  2. Customers buy solutions to problems
  3. Sales is 57% listening
  4. The best sellers are curious about everything
  5. Ask open-ended questions
  6. Manage the sales process as a quid pro quo
  7. Don’t talk about competitors unless directly asked

I hope to see you there. It should be fun.

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