Slides from my Radia Accelerator Presentation: SaaS Metrics 101

Here’s a quick post to share my slides from the presentation I gave today at the Radia Accelerator, a UK-based accelerator for female SaaS entrepreneurs, as part of my work with Balderton Capital.

Our topic was SaaS Metrics 101. In building the deck, I tried to do 3 things

  • Start with the basics: definitions and such.
  • Build up in layers: start simple and layer into complex.
  • Cover the metrics you are likely to be asked about as a SaaS entrepreneur: pick based not upon what I like, but on what I think you’re likely to get asked (e.g., LTV/CAC vs. NRR)

I want to thank the audience for their attendance and engagement. To use my favorite George W. Bush malapropism, I greatly misunderestimated the time I’d need to get through the material, but by taking every minute and staying reasonably interactive we made it through. And remember, there are plenty of links in the deck for people who want to dig deeper.

For those interested in this topic, I did a podcast a while back on SaaSihimi which is the spiritual equivalent of this session, but in interview format and only slightly out of date.

Below are my Radia Accelerator slides. You can also download them on Drive.

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