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Quick Takeaways From our First Product Power Breakfast: Dave Interviews Thomas

Here’s a quick post to share my takeaways from our first enterprise SaaS Product Power Breakfast on Clubhouse.

My Thoughts
Clubhouse is definitely a new medium.  When it comes to new media, I always think two things:

  • The medium is the message and all that Marshall McLuhan’s pithy quote implies.
  • Look for differences, not similarities.  (Saying “Clubhouse is like talk radio” is the same as saying “Twitter is like group text messaging.”  Yes and no, but mostly no.)

Special guest Jason Lemkin was a Tasmanian Devil who — while he blew up my carefully planned structure (think: Eisenhower on planning) — left in his wake a slew of super interesting questions; I literally didn’t sleep well that evening because my head was still spinning.  

Thus, overall I’d give the session an A for thought-provocation and a C for structure.  But we’re new to the medium, trying to figure it out, and serendipity is definitely part of the equation.

Questions Provoked, Topics for Future Discussion

  • To what extent should we talk to startups and founders versus large enterprise product managers (PMs)?
  • How valid is commonality-spotting across unicorns (the spotting is subjective and are the commonalities valid drivers or rabbit’s feet)?
  • The age-old question of how to measure engineering productivity?  Can it even be done?  Is it worth trying?
  • Are story points a valid productivity measure or are they counting angels on pinheads?
  • How can PM avoid being drawn and quartered?  (And how can PM avoid drawing and quartering engineering?)
  • Is product-led growth (PLG) a strategy that must be taken in entirety or can you take a dab of this and that?
  • How can PM best make its voice heard and best work with sales?
  • How to cater between the trend-seeking “new black” and the lasting-principles-seeking crowd (e.g., Crystal Reports was the original PLG company in my curmudgeonly humble opinion)?

In terms of session focus, I’d say my current conclusion is that we want to make each session follow this sort of template:  Dave & Thomas Interview {Guest} on {Topic}.

Oh, and by the way, we probably need to re-run a session where Dave actually interviews Thomas!

See you Thursday at 8 am for session number 2!  If you need a Clubhouse invite, email or message me.

Product Power Breakfast: Thomas Interviews Dave

(TLDR — Link to Episode #2, Thursday, April 1st at 8 am pacific.)

Well, we just finished the first episode (“Dave interviews Thomas“) of our Enterprise SaaS Product Power Breakfast series and wow, was it crazy.  In addition to our regularly scheduled interview on product management with Thomas, we had:

  • A guest appearance from the ever-brilliant Jason Lemkin, EchoSign founder, VC, and creator of SaaStr — thanks for coming!
  • A surprise cameo from Dharmesh Shah, cofounder and CTO of HubSpot (who I think Jason pulled up [1]) — thanks for coming!

While it was definitely a romp in terms of structure (or lack thereof), it was high energy, full of great content, and fun.

So, we’re going to try it again next week with Episode #2:  Thomas Interviews Dave. Topics on the agenda include:  product management, product strategy, product positioning, and product roadmaps.

Maybe he can control the room better than I did.  See you there!

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[1] I was following the “it can’t be that Dharmesh” and the “let celebrities be audience members in peace” principles.


Ground Rules for our Clubhouse Product Power Breakfasts

As recently announced, Thomas Otter and I are starting what we hope will be a series of Clubhouse Enterprise SaaS Product Power Breakfasts, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific time.  The link to the first one is here and the Slido Q&A is here.

In order to keep things flowing smoothly, and in response to my experience on Clubhouse thus far, I started writing a ground rules document for Thomas and me, but decided it could be useful for everyone who joins us — particularly because I’m suspecting many of us are pretty new to Clubhouse.  So here goes.


  • Keep the room on topic = enterprise SaaS product.
  • No soliloquies = back and forth makes Clubhouse interesting.
  • Let other moderators talk. (Hint:  we’re all type A.)
  • Answer the question for the room, not just to the person.
  • Answer the question you thought you were asked.  (So audience please make questions clear!)  We want to avoid triple restatements, which are sadly fairly common –> The question is X.  Was your question X?  Yes, my question was X.
  • Go on mute when you’re not speaking (particularly if you see the grey outline flickering; it means you’re picking up noise)
  • Come off mute to indicate that you want to speak
  • Flash mute on and off to “clap” when someone else is speaking
  • By default, avoid what I’ll call Clubhouse Verbose Protocol (e.g., “Hi, this is Dave speaking, the answer to your question is no, this is Dave and I am done speaking.) [1] [2].

Those Moved Up to Stage

  • Ask your question clearly as possible.
  • Do a brief, one-line self introduction (e.g., “my name is Dave, I’m a PM at Zendesk, and my question is …”)
  • Please try to keep questions reasonably brief and of general interest.
  • Don’t be bothered if we put you back to the audience after your question.  We’re just tidy.
  • No self or company promotions please (i.e., please don’t try to use this forum as a way to market your goods or services).

Audience Members

  • Ping people into the room if you’re enjoying the content!
  • Raise your hand to ask a question; we love questions.
  • Use Slido to ask questions as well.  The event code for our first event is 569975.
  • Please fill in your bio so we know who you are.
  • Mute your phone when you’re moved up on stage (bottom right of screen); it’s not muted by default.
  • We’ll try to answer all questions from those we pull up on stage; if we’re near the end of the session, please be sensitive to that as we want to end on time.
  • We reserve the right to promote special guests and bring them up on stage out of order.
  • While we have not (yet perhaps) created a club and ergo have no Club Rules, normal rules of business and social media decorum apply.
  • I’ve had requests to record these sessions and make them available in other media (e.g., podcasts) but have not figured out how to do that yet.  Once we’re not total noobs on Clubhouse, we’ll explore doing so, in accordance with Clubhouse norms.

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[1] Typically used in my experience in rooms with a large number of moderators and/or people on stage.

[2]  We will do so by request if members of the audience desire it, for any reason, in order to better follow the conversation.  For example, visually challenged people sometimes request this, particularly if all the speakers have similar voices and/or accents.  In our case, Dave has a New York accent (and accompanying pace) muddled by years of living in California.  Thomas has a South African accent, perhaps muddled by years of living in Germany.