The Price of Inxight: $76M

It’s funny how things that companies leave undisclosed in press releases can often be found buried in SEC filings. Seth Grimes and I had gone back and forth a bit debating what Business Objects had paid for Inxight.

Seth had estimated $125M to $175M. Knowing that Business Objects was a value shopper, that Inxight had been on the block for some time, and hearing that the deal took quite a while to come to fruition led me to a lower estimate of $50M to $75M.

I’m happy to report we were both wrong (but boy was I close). In this filing you get the answer:

Acquisition of Inxight
On July 3, 2007, the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Business Objects Americas, acquired privately held Inxight Software, Inc. (“Inxight”) in accordance with a purchase agreement dated May 21, 2007. Business Objects Americas acquired all of the outstanding capital stock of Inxight, a leading provider of software solutions for unstructured information discovery, including text analytics, federated search, and data visualization.
The acquisition was an all cash transaction of approximately $76 million. Of the total purchase price, $6.5 million was placed in an escrow account to satisfy potential claims under warranties and indemnities in the agreement. Provided there are no such claims, the amount will be paid on October 3, 2008.

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