Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone write the blog for you?
Nope. It’s not that easy to come up with this stuff.  The blog is written by me and me alone.  Once in a while I may include a guest post, but it will be clearly labeled as such.  There is no ghostwriting.

Does the blog represent the official view of your employer?
No.  Opinions expressed are mine and either not necessarily or simply not those of my employer.  When I have chosen to work at (or with) a given company, you should expect that I may frequently have a de facto pro-company viewpoint.  And let’s get the logic correct, here:  I don’t like company X because I’m working with them; I’m working with company X because I like them.

Do you work with and/or invest in other companies that you might write about and/or might otherwise influence your views?
Yes, in four categories:

  • First, I own shares and/or options in the companies at which I work or have worked in the past (e.g., MarkLogic, Salesforce, Host Analytics).
  • Second, by virtue of board, advisory, and/or angel investing work, I own shares directly or indirectly in companies including Alation, ClearedIn, Cube, Cyral, Faros, FloQast, Fortella, GainSight, Hex, Kelda, Lecida, MongoDB, NetSpring, Nuxeo, Plannuh, Profisee, Recorded Future, and TopOPPS.
  • Third, I am also an investor in several venture capital funds so I indirectly own shares in numerous other startups.
  • Fourth, I am usually invested in the stock market and may directly or indirectly own long and/or short positions in technology companies.

How does the blog fit into your overall social media strategy?
Here is I how I view — and use — social media:

  • Kellblog is professional — it’s a blog about work — featuring content on work-related topics that interest me (e.g., management, strategy, and metrics).  It’s for anyone who wants to read it.
  • LinkedIn is for colleagues.  If we’ve worked together as coworkers, partners, suppliers, or vendors, this is where to connect with me.
  • Facebook is for friends.  If we grew up, went to school, or worked together, this is where I post personal news, such as family photos and updates.
  • Twitter (@Kellblog) provides a mix of content derived from what I read. As such, it provides an electric mix of topics including general news, Silicon Valley, venture capital, economics, astronomy, humor, sports, Grateful Dead, France, and of late and somewhat reluctantly, politics.

Do you compete with the companies you analyze?
Yes, but not always.  Often the reason I know a lot about a company is that I either historically competed, or are currently competing, with them.  So while there are times when I’m in pure / macro market analysis mode, at other times I may be writing about vendors and markets that are closer to home.

Will the blog always be factually correct?
The blog is a mix of opinion and my recollection of historical fact. Like my wife, I assume that my opinions are not always correct and that my recollection of facts is fallible. So feel free to disagree with my opinions and to let me know when you think I’ve gotten a fact wrong. While I do not commit to any updates, revisions, or corrections, I do try to make them when I’m convinced that I’ve made an error.

Do you have any driving philosophies behind what you post?
Yes. I try to pick issues where I have a pretty strong opinion.  That opinion may not prove correct over time and I may change that opinion over time — perhaps in direct response to comments from readers.  Healthy debate (and interesting editorial) starts not with fence-sitting, but with taking a position and arguing for it.  As they used to say at Gartner back when they used to assign probabilities to research notes:  if you’re going to assign a prediction a probability of 0.5, then don’t bother to write the note.

Is the blog subject to copyright and other conditions / protections?
Yes. This blog is copyright (c) Dave Kellogg from the year 2005 to date, and is protected via a Creative Commons license agreement. See the blog footer for the formal notice and a link to a summary of the agreement, which in turns includes a link to the full agreement.

What’s your comment policy?

I reserve the right to disallow, moderate, edit and delete comments. While I will try to be selective about invoking that right, I may delete or hide comments that I deem undesirable for any reason (e.g., flames, competitors seeking publicity, ad hominem attacks). The more your comment is logical and on-topic the more likely it will stand.  Anonymous and semi-anonymous comments are unlikely to stand.

Do you revise and/or delete posts?
Yes. From time to time, I revise posts and/or delete them. Typically, I do this in response to comments, to correct errors, to focus my writing, or simply to change tone. Often, I’ll revise a post numerous times in its first hour of life to correct errors and tighten the writing. Sometimes, I remove posts because I’ve changed my mind about an issue, I think the post is dated and no longer relevant, or simply because I no longer want the post on the blog.

Feed and/or email subscribers should take note:  if you want to see the current official version of any post, you should come back to the blog and find it. Sometimes, but not always, I will note revisions at the top or bottom of the post.

Sometimes you talk about company financials; are you a financial analyst?
No. I am not a financial analyst. I am an executive analyzing the market and while I consider myself a pretty good finance guy, I am most certainly not a financial analyst. I include financial analysis when I think it’s relevant to understanding a company or a market. I do not make buy and sell recommendations on stocks, people should not buy or sell stocks based on my analysis, and — as noted above — I may directly or indirectly hold positions in the companies I discuss.

Suppose I try one of your ideas and wreck my company?
First, if that happens, sorry, but that (i.e., “sorry”) is the extent of my liability. The blog is provided for informational purposes only and while it will hopefully stimulate your thinking, you run your company — not me.  The blog is not professional services, business consulting, or financial advice.  I disclaim liability as per the license agreement.

Given your French ties, is the fact that Kellblog is a homophone for Quel Blog deliberate or accidental?
Accidental, though a French reader pointed it out to me many years ago.  Quel blog in French means “what a blog!” and no, I can’t say that I was clever enough to come up with that.  In fact, the name Kellblog was suggested to me by none other than Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital, back when the blog was still called the MarkLogic CEO Blog.

Do you have a Feedburner feed?
Yes. It’s

Can I contact you over email if I have a question?
Yes. Please contact me at davekellogg at mail-dot-com.  (Note, that’s mail-dot-com, not gmail-dot-com.)

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  4. Lurking Variable

    I believe you misspelled “ad hominem” when you said you would delete “ad homineN attacks”. Therefore all your other FAQ items must be wrong.

    (waiting to see if you delete this post :-)

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