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Come To My Sesssion at SaaStock Dublin: What Founders Need To Know About Product Marketing

I decided to take a quick break from SaaS metrics after doing a matched set of conference presentations in the past two months (strategic at SaaStr Annual and tactical at SaaS Metrics Palooza) — and that’s not to mention starting the SaaS Talk podcast with my “metrics brother” Ray Rike.

So I thought I’d take a moment, switch gears, and go back to my roots by talking not just about marketing, but product marketing at the upcoming SaaStock conference in Dublin. I thought I could add the most value by educating people on this often-misunderstood function that is always important, but can be particularly critical in the early days of building a SaaS company.

My session, entitled What Founders Need To Know About Product Marketing, will be on Tuesday, October 17th on the Scale Stage at 2:20pm. In the session, we’ll discuss four key questions:

  • What is product marketing?
  • How do you know if someone is good at product marketing?
  • To whom should product marketing report?
  • How can you support product marketing?

If you’re a founder, any C-level executive, product leader or manager, or heck, even a product marketer yourself, I hope you’ll be able to attend this session. Either way, I’ll post my slides shortly after the presentation and SaaStock usually makes a video generally available a bit after the show.

See you there.