Slides from my SaaStr 2021 Presentation: A CEO’s Guide to Marketing

Thanks again to Jason Lemkin and the team at SaaStr for having me as a speaker at this year’s outdoor, live and hybrid online SaaStr Annual 2021 event at the San Mateo Convention Center.  I know the team went to great lengths (and great expense) to enable people both to connect live at an event and make it safe, with both a vaccination card and an onsite Covid test required to gain admission.

In this post, I’ll share the slides from my presentation, A CEO’s Guide to Marketing, which was designed to help startup founders, CEOs, and C-level executives have a little less angst when it comes to marketing in general and the marketing update at quarterly business reviews (QBRs).  I present five things every C-level executive should know about marketing driven by two underlying themes:  (1) use market research to complement the abundant data you have in your internal systems, and (2) keep it simple to avoid being sucked into a vortex of detail and numbers that can leave everyone dazed and confused.

I’ve embedded the slides below.  Don’t miss the appendix with five slides worth of links to resources providing additional information!  Once SaaStr publishes a video of the talk, I’ll embed that in a future post as well.

Thanks for coming!

5 responses to “Slides from my SaaStr 2021 Presentation: A CEO’s Guide to Marketing

  1. Great presentation. How do we start with market research?
    How do we find a good firm?
    How much to spend?
    What questions do we need to answer internally to do this well?

    • I may do a deeper post on it, but meantime, there are three firms listed as example providers with whom I’ve worked in the past on the Resources pages — specifically slide 30 — in the appendix.

  2. Wish I’d seen you present this – is there a video? Could we discuss it sometime?

  3. DK – love your posts in general and this presentation is wonderful. Thanks for all you do for founders. Sharing with my entire S/M team.

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