SaaStr Europa Slides: The Top 5 Mistakes in Scale-Up

Just a quick post to publish the slides from the talk I gave today at SaaStr Europa in Barcelona on the top 5 mistakes in scale-up.  Thanks so much to everyone who attended, stuck around for the AMA session afterwards, and gave me feedback or asked me questions at the conference.

If you have trouble accessing these, please let me know and I can try to switch file sharing platforms.  I like Slideshare for the embed capability, but I’m told they now paywall off my stuff and I haven’t fully researched how and if I can fix that.  Leave a comment if you have troubles so I’ll know to go look.

Here are the slides:

5 responses to “SaaStr Europa Slides: The Top 5 Mistakes in Scale-Up

  1. Hey Dave, any chance the session was recorded?

  2. Hi Dave,

    I loved the PPT. Actually, do you have more material around point 2 that you made? Or a recording?

    I’d love to read a whole book about staffing $0-10m vs $10m-$100m.

    Tangential to tech, a company I am working with current is in the first phase, and I’ve noticed I’m struggling after bringing on too many ‘scale it’ people on the marketing team, rather than ‘work it out’ people.

  3. Great article Dave! Great reminders to have handy! Should turn this into a poster.

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