Appearance on Run The Numbers Podcast: A Startup CEO’s Guide to Board Meetings

I love writing and speaking about board meetings. Why? Because:

  • They’re critically important. Board meetings can make or break careers.
  • You get little to no instruction on how to do them. Most training for CEOs and execs is of the “throw them in the deep end of the pool and see if they float” variety.
  • You don’t get much practice. At four to six times per year, board meetings are not quite frequent enough to provide sufficient reps to drive real improvement, except over long periods of time.

So, many founders and CEOs muddle along with a series of merely good-enough board meetings, and not good ones.

I’ve written a lot about startups, boards, and CEOs. For example:

Thus, I was happy when CJ Gustafson invited me for an interview on his Run the Numbers podcast for an episode entitled A Startup CEO’s Guide to Board Meetings.

A video of the episode is embedded below. You can find it on Apple or Spotify as well.

Thanks CJ for having me.

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